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Assam Green Tea Assam Green Organic

Grown on both sides of the river Brahmaputra, this tea of India is strong and flavorful with a malt aroma. Sweeten with honey for a hearty caffeinated tea drink.

Our Price: $11.00
Gen Mai Cha Tea with Toasted Rice Gen Mai Cha with Toasted Rice, Organic

For tea lovers searching for the authentic taste of Japan, this Japanese specialty of toasted brown rice, Japanese popped corn, and Sencha Green tea is capped off with just a touch of Green Matcha. This unique blend of vegetative green tea has the nutty notes of roasted brown rice and popped corn, while presenting a soup-like taste.

Our Price: $13.00
Japanese Sencha Tea Japanese Sencha Organic

Sencha, the traditional Japanese steamed green tea, has a soothing taste and fresh green scent that makes it an excellent choice to sip all day.

Our Price: $20.00
Organic African Sunset Red Tea Organic African Sunset Red Tea

Red tea with a touch of lemongrass and lemon zest.  No caffeine.

Our Price: $8.50
Organic Assam Breakfast Tea Organic Assam Breakfast Tea

A Bold, 100% organic tea from Assam -- the premier black tea growing region of India.

Our Price: $8.50
Chamomile Tea Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea

Open up a packet and take a whiff. You'll smell rich apple scent (in Greek, "Milo" means Apple) with soft honey notes.

Our Price: $8.50
Organic Darjeeling Tea Organic Darjeeling Tea

These organic, golden orange pekoe tea leaves are grown on the rolling hills of Darjeeling, India.

Our Price: $8.50
Organic Earl Grey Tea Organic Earl Grey Tea

This is an elegant cuppa' tea with tried and true flavor that ranges from a light citrus zip to a deep, smooth black tea.

Our Price: $8.50
Gen Mai Cha Tea Organic Gen Mai Cha Green Tea

Gen mai cha, or brown rice tea, is green tea prepared with puffs of brown rice.

Our Price: $8.50
Organic Mountain High Chai Organic Mountain High Chai

Mountain High Chai is like a trip to India in a cup. Sweeten up your cuppa' chai with some sugar or smooth it out with milk.

Our Price: $8.50
Organic Peppermint Tea Organic Peppermint Tea

This tea is entirely caffeine free and is a great after-dinner mint.

Our Price: $8.50
Tropical Goji Green Tea Organic Tropical Green Tea

Traditional sencha leaves are infused with tropical flavors for a tastebud holiday.

Our Price: $6.95