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About Us

coffee beans spilling out of a Lola Savannah bag

Roasting since 1995

At Lola Savannah Coffee & Tea, we have always been passionate about roasting high-quality beans so that we can create enjoyable coffee experiences for our customers. Whether you want to impress clients, indulge in after-dinner treats, or savor a lazy weekend morning, when you drink Lola Savannah coffee you're well on your way with a consistently excellent coffee. We offer some of the best flavored coffees on the market, along with fantastic blends, single origins, and of course some organics. We buy and roast the best coffee beans we can find, and our commitment to food safety and quality means that you can be proud to serve Lola Savannah coffees. For business customers we offer private labeling and toll-roasting services as well. Give us a call!

SQF Food Safety and Quality logo

Food Safety

At Lola Savannah, our goal is to make safe, quality food products that you'll be proud to serve to your family and friends.

Our food safety team works continuously under the SQF Food Safety and Quality, Edition 9 guidelines to ensure that we provide high quality, good tasting, safe coffee to our customers. We undergo an annual audit by an independent third-party, and we have daily, weekly, and monthly processes in place to keep our facility in top condition. Our management team undergoes regular training to stay ahead of the food safety curve and applicable Federal, state, and local requirements, and our production staff has frequent refresher training sessions so that food safety is always top-of-mind.

USDA Organic seal


The USDA has developed and enforces the National Organic Program ("NOP") to provide national standards for organically-produced agricultural products sold in the United States.

The NOP is a public-private partnership: the USDA accredits certifying bodies (like QAI) to review producers and to enforce the national standards.

The goal is to ensure a level playing-field for producers and to protect consumer confidence in the integrity of the USDA Organic Seal.

We are proud to have several organic coffees to offer. And we're excited to have some organic flavored coffees as well. We think you're going to love 'em!


Lola Savannah offers several items which contain tree nut allergens, namely almonds, coconut, hazelnuts, and pecans. We add those tree nuts to certain items we produce in order to enhance the appearance and flavor of those items. We have added a disclosure statement and a tree nut allergen icon on the webpage of each item which contains tree nuts, and the ingredients list on each such item contains a further disclosure. For items which do contain tree nuts, the tree nuts should be considered as ingredients of both the whole-bean and the ground versions thereof.

We are careful to store, handle, and process these allergens in a manner which minimizes the possibility of inadvertent contact between the allergens and products which do not intentionally contain allergens. Additionally, we have cleaning and inspection protocols designed to minimize the possibility of inadvertent contact.

If you have questions about the ingredients of a particular product, we invite you to contact us at or by calling us at 713.222.9800.

Go Texan

Texas Proud!

The Go Texan campaign is run by the Texas Department of Agriculture to promote Texas-grown and Texas-manufactured products. Well, coffee doesn't grow in Texas, but we do roast, flavor, and package it here.

Lola Savannah was born in Houston, a city we dearly love, and we're darn proud of that!

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Our Reputation

We are proud to have earned a 4.76 star rating from our wonderful customers!

We invite you to see (and taste!) what others have enjoyed. Coffee. Tea. Excellent customer service. More coffee. Help us get even more stars.

PLMA logo, Private Label Manufacturers Association

Private Labeling

As a full-service coffee roaster, Lola Savannah often has some excess roasting and production capacity. We private-label (also known as toll-roasting or contract-roasting) for several clients. In other words, we use our experience and know-how to source, roast, produce, and package coffee for a number of retailers and end-users like restaurants and coffee shops. Our clients tell us what they're looking for, and we package coffee in their bags.

We have deep and long-lasting relationships with a number of fantastic coffee brokers, and that means that we have access to the best green (that is, raw or unroasted) beans. Our location in Houston, one of the country's premier coffee-importing ports and warehousing locations, means lower transportation prices—and savings we can pass on to you.

When we private-label, we work backwards with our clients. First, we explore what they want to sell to their own customers. From there we can help a client decide which beans have the right qualities (for example, the acidity, the flavor profiles, etc.) to get to the desired taste that is the goal.

For private-label clients, we're happy to help our customers source their own green coffee beans (which they're welcome to store in our warehouse at no additional expense), or we can offer you the benefit of our many years of experience to pick from what we have on-hand.

We can help you pick the right roast for a particular coffee bean, and we can advise you on favorite flavored coffees—or help you create a new taste sensation by combining flavorings we keep on-hand. Who would have thought that Peanut Butter Banana would be so good!

We can give you insight into what we're seeing as to market trends. Are your customers likely to prefer whole-bean or pre-ground coffee? Regular or decaf or some combination, and in what proportions? Flavored or non-flavored?

If you already have your own logo, you're a step ahead. But if you don't, we're pleased to introduce you to our very talented in-house graphics person. We can help you get your logo onto packaging materials, like labels, bags, and boxes: we've got years-long relationships with first-rate suppliers of those materials. High quality products need to go in high quality packaging so that your business makes you proud.

And most important, our SQF certification means that you can be confident that what we produce—and what you sell—meets rigorous food safety and quality requirements.

We encourage you to contact us to see what great things we can do together!

assorted private label coffee bags
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